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The American company, “Google”, announced the addition of new features to “Android” phones this summer, which were actually added to “Pixel” phones this week.

Great opportunity “GSM ArenaThe specialized technician said that this is the first time that Google combines a large number of new “Android” features in one advertisement and launches them all at once.

These are the six new features that will appear on Android phones This summer is as follows:

1. Earthquake recognition system

Residents in areas at risk of earthquakes can download this new technology inAndroid‘, which will alert you to the possibility of an earthquake, well in advance of it so that you can keep yourself and your family safe.

This feature will currently be available in New Zealand and Greece, and will soon be launched in Turkey, the Philippines, Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

Google says it is prioritizing launching this in countries with a high earthquake risk, and will make it available to more countries over the next year 2022.

2. Star the message

Google enables Android users in its new technology, the ability to star a message in the Messages application to find it easily later.

An Android user just long presses the message, then selects the star.

It is expected that this technology will be widely rolled out to Android users later this month.

3. New keyboard

Progress “googleThere are also major updates to its Gboard keyboard for Android users, which has a larger number of emojis, and will be supported in many languages ​​such as English, Spanish and Portuguese.

The suggestions will help you discover the perfect new set of emojis as soon as you type a message, so that the emoticon matches what you’re writing.

4. Hey Google

Google has given its smart voice assistant for the Android operating system, a number of distinctive new tasks, as it can take you to specific places within applications.

For example, you could say, “Hey Google, I’d like to pay my bill,” and it will take you directly to the app where you pay your bills, and let you complete the task.

5. Discover looks

Google has included in the Android operating system the ability to detect looks and their nature mixed with voice, to unlock the phone, combining voice and iris fingerprints, to achieve greater security for its users.

It is also possible in this technology to make the phone’s entry mixed with three layers consisting of a voice print, an eye print, and a password that contains letters, numbers and symbols, so that your phone is largely protected from any spying or intrusion.

6. Android Auto

As for the last technology that Google will add to “Android” users, it is the features of the car operating system “Android Auto”, so that you, as a user, can customize the screen of the car’s player from your phone, and set the way to browse the Internet and media applications that you want to work first, in addition to running other applications Connected to cars such as gas station locations, parking lots, auto-navigation, or reading new messages on WhatsApp Or Facebook Messenger, etc.

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