4 teams nominated to be the “dark horse” in the European Nations Championship


The black horse is a term used for the team that surprises, and exceeds expectations, during the major tournaments and the European Championship, known for its black horses.

Among the most prominent dark horse teams in the past, Greece, which snatched the Euro 2004 title and shocked the world, as well as the Danish team in the 1992 championship

In the Euro 2020 edition, there are a number of candidate teams to “turn the tables” on the adults, and win the “dark horse” title.


The Turkish national team enters the tournament, hoping to return to the senior competition, as it did in the European Nations 2008, when it reached the semi-finals.

The Turkish national team has a number of distinguished talents, such as defenders Saglar Soyuncu and Merih Demiral, AC Milan playmaker Hakan Calhanoglu, and top scorer Brak Yilmaz, led by veteran coach Senol Güneş, who led Turkey to its historic achievement by obtaining third place in the 2002 World Cup.


The Russian team wants to continue its strong career, which it presented in its last tournament, the 2018 World Cup, when it reached the quarter-finals.

The Russian team relies on the physical strength and great discipline of its players, and may take advantage of being in a middle group, including Belgium, Denmark and Finland, to cross into the advanced roles.


Ukraine has a very promising generation. A large number of the current national team players are world champions with the youth team, which won the World Youth Championship two years ago.

The Ukrainian national team is counting on the young generation, with some veterans, and coach Andriy Shevchenko, to cross a group that does not seem difficult at all, including the Netherlands, Macedonia and Austria.


The Polish national team is distinguished by having the best player in the world, striker Robert Lewandowski, who will want to achieve a strong championship for his country before retiring.

The Polish team is very solid, and will rely heavily on Lewandowski, and his successor, playmaker Zielinski.


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