4 million views of Fouad Abdel Wahed’s album


Young artist Fouad Abdel Wahed lives the success of the songs of his new album “Dream wa Alam”, who collaborated on the four songs included in the album with musician Dr. Talal in terms of melodies, achieving more than one million views for each song on YouTube, bringing the total views of the four songs to more than 4 million views.

The first song, “Dream and No Science,” which was shown in a video clip with director Yasser Al-Yasiri and from the words of the poet Khaled Al-Muraikhi, exceeded one million and 100 views, while the other three songs, “Have mercy on our feelings,” the words of Tarish Qatan, achieved one million views, and the song “My Heart With You” reached one million and 200 Watching, while the last song “Sing” is the words of the poet Fahd Aafat with a million views, which he presented with the participation of the Bahraini artist Layali.

The album, “Dream wa Alam”, was released last week on Rotana’s YouTube channel, and witnessed the first collaboration between Fouad and musician Talal.


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