39 papers threaten the rise of Al-Tai


Badr Al-Ayed, CEO of Al-Taie Club, Fahd Al-Julaib, professional director, and Imran Elias, the “born” player in the first football team, this afternoon, are subject to a hearing before the Appeal Committee of the Saudi Football Federation.
Al-Jabaleen Club had submitted an official complaint to the Football Association’s Disciplinary Committee, confirming the ineligibility of Imran Elias, Al-Tai’s player, with the team, claiming that he had different dates of birth in his documents. before deciding to proceed with the complaint and submit its papers to the Appeals Committee.
According to Al-Riyadia sources, if the Al-Jabain club’s protest against the Al-Taie player is proven correct, the latter will be banned and denied entry to the Mohammed bin Salman Professional Cup League.
The sources indicated that Al-Jabaleen’s protest consists of 39 papers, 10 of which are against the complaint, and 29 papers are attached to the case, and specialized lawyers were consulted before submitting the appeal papers to the same committee.
Elias previously represented the youth teams and included you in previous stations
In the professional league, Al-Taie represented in the First Division last season.
It is noteworthy that Al-Taie is the third ascendant after Al-Hazm and Al-Fayha to the Mohammed bin Salman Professional Cup League, after a fierce competition with his traditional rival, Al-Jabalin Club, which continued until the last round of the First Division League.


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