3 day strike starting from this date!


The administrative body of the Public Administration Employees Association issued a statement saying: “We have run out of words… and we no longer hope that it will help to recall the miserable situation that is steadily worsening among public sector employees as well as all citizens, as long as the decision-makers are deaf to the moans of citizens, employees and their families are a segment Bigger than them, and they only received more neglect, escape, weakness and inability to find solutions, and they reached nothingness, their salaries lost 90% of their purchasing value, their children begging for a bite of bread instead of milk and milk is thrown in garbage containers only so that it does not reach the citizen at an acceptable price.He added, “Educating their children has become just a dream, and it has become a dream for them to be able to go to the doctor or hospital if they have a son or a father.. Food, water and medicine have become dreams.. We are no longer able to count the problems, so how can we live and endure them?!!! Going to work has also become one of their dreams.

He pointed out that “the administrative body of the Public Administration Employees Association confirms the inability of employees at this stage to have more patience, as they have exhausted all their stamina, and condemns the method of dealing with the suffering of employees and their just demands that constitute the minimum necessary for their retention.” The lightning of life for them and their families, and the ability to continue to perform their job duties, and because ignoring the suffering incurred by the employees to run the wheel of life in this country has become a natural matter for the officials, and since none of the reasons for the strike and the employees’ refraining from attending their work has not changed, the administrative body of the Association confirms Its demand for the Lebanese government, and for each decision-maker to:

– Work to recover the looted funds by all legal and constitutional means, their deception is well known… so that the story of the loss of public money does not remain an excuse to justify the killing of an entire people without batting an eyelid and without accountability.- Instructing all public administrations to develop an emergency plan for the management of the public facility, so as to harmonize what the departments need from the employees for this, especially in light of the absence of the requirements and elements of productivity, and the capabilities of the employees to attend, which does not exceed 50% of the official working days until now. Two in the afternoon on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and eleven o’clock in the afternoon on Fridays.

Solve the problem of low purchasing value of salaries by all possible means.

– Preparing the text necessary to increase the transportation allowance to keep pace with the increase in its real cost.

– Solving the problem of the low value of health and social benefits in the State Employees Cooperative and the National Social Security Fund, and until this is achieved, the association’s administrative body calls on all employees of public administrations and institutions to:

* Strike and non-attendance to work centers for a period of three days starting on Tuesday 22/6/2021.

* Leaving work centers at two o’clock in the afternoon of Monday and at eleven o’clock in the morning on Friday.

Noting that the administrative body will call for a press conference to discuss the reasons and objectives of the strike, which will be announced at the time. The administrative body also confirms its invitation to general managers and direct and indirect chiefs in public administrations and institutions to join the ranks of employees in the mission of defending their rights and the rights of their families to live a decent life…

– The administrative body keeps its meetings open to follow up and keep abreast of developments, hoping that it will not have to escalate further…


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