20 decisive days .. These are the details of Messi’s upcoming contract with Barcelona


20 days separates Argentine Lionel Messi from being a “free player”, which is the remaining period on his current contract that links him with Barcelona, ​​​​in light of the Spanish club not submitting an offer so far.And the Spanish sports newspaper, Marca, confirms that the expected contract for Messi has not been completed yet, and has not been sent to the Catalan team captain and his first star.

But the returning club president, Juan Laporta, made his decision regarding the details of the new contract for the Argentine player, who turns 34 this month, according to the newspaper.

According to “Marca”, Barcelona will offer a two-year contract until the summer of 2023, with an annual salary of 50 million euros, which is almost half of what Messi currently receives.The Catalan club will also add an “tempting” clause to the Argentine legend, which is to serve as an ambassador for Barcelona for 10 years, after retiring, for 10 million euros annually.

The newspaper said that Laporta had discussed all the terms with Jorge Messi, the player’s father and his agent, but no final agreement had been reached so far.In addition to financial matters, Messi is expected to request proof of Barcelona’s intention to sign big stars to return to competition in the Champions League.

Barcelona is racing against time to settle the renewal file, before things get complicated on July 1, when Messi’s contract officially ends with the club.


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