19956 12-year-olds sit end-of-year exams


Follow up: Mohamed Ibrahim, Iman Sorour

The exams for the end of the academic year 2020-2021 will start for students of grades 4-12 in government schools and apply to the ministerial curriculum tomorrow, Tuesday, as the total number of the twelfth students applying for the exam in public and private schools reached 19956 students, compared to 169 thousand and 136 students in grades 4- 11.

The students of the twelfth century, with its “general and advanced” tracks, are scheduled to take all the exams “in attendance” in schools, and the questions are without time limits. According to precautionary and preventive measures that simulate the student, educational staff, committee supervisors and parents.

Students of grades 4-11 take exams remotely at home, according to procedures that prevent cheating and group answers, and students of grades 1-3 are excluded from the final exams.

The Emirates Foundation for School Education confirmed that it had completed the safety procedures for receiving grade 12 students, as it sterilized all schools where the exams would be held, in addition to providing special committees, to receive students when they came to schools to ensure that social distancing measures were maintained, during the examination, to ensure the safety of Students and educational cadres in the field, and in order to take into account the application of the protocol of precautionary and preventive measures for school exams “twelfth grade students”, issued by the concerned authorities.

The Foundation focused on ensuring that grade 12 students perform all tests, and in the event that the result of the PCR examination for the student is positive, he must communicate directly with the school director, attaching evidence of his infection with the virus, and he can later take the exam during the period of compensatory exams or repetition.

Abu Dhabi secondary schools confirmed their full preparations to receive twelfth grade students, in addition to students of some private schools and schools of tolerance, who will take their final exams tomorrow, along with their peers in government schools, according to precautionary measures.


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