191 new infections and 6 deaths from the Corona virus


The Ministry of Public Health announced the registration of 191 new infections with the emerging coronavirus “Covid 19”, in parallel with the registration of 6 deaths as a result of the epidemic during the past 24 hours.

In its daily report on the developments of “Covid 19”, the Ministry of Health pointed out that the total number of injuries in the country rose to 541,423, at a time when the number of the epidemic’s victims reached 7,758 deaths. She explained that the total number of recovery cases since the spread of Corona in Lebanon until today has reached 523,476 cases.

It also indicated that 8859 people received the first dose of the vaccine during the past hours, and 5382 people received the second dose, bringing the total number of people who received the first dose to 547,596 people, and the second dose to 284,267 people.


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