16 high school tracks and 2062 primary and intermediate teaching hours


Approved the new developed plan forMinistry of education 16 tracks of secondary education, most notably the approval of new subjects, distance and blended education, increasing class time, actual teaching hours and bridging, volunteer work, as well as human cadres training, professional certificates, and a graduation project.The plan also identified 4 specialized tracks for the stage, including business administration, computer science and engineering, health and life, and the Sharia track, which are professional or skill certificates granted during the secondary level, in addition to the general track and vocational schools that grant a diploma or a bachelor’s degree and are compatible with the labor market.

The plan also approved an increase in the number of hours of education in the primary stage by an additional 176 hours, an increase of 22%, while the increase in the developed plan + e-learning amounted to 220 hours, an increase of 28%, and the student will benefit from the primary stage in general education from 961 hours annually «1005 1 Hour Developer Education + E-Learning»

To make the number of hours of education equal with the United States, and middle school students benefit from 1016 hours in the classroom “1057 hours of advanced education + e-learning,” so that the Kingdom is ahead of the United States by 90 hours of learning.

Products unique to the track system

01 New material consistent with 4IR, p21

02 Sorting and sorting

03 Distance education and blended education

04 bridging

05 Volunteering

06 general path

07 Elective Program CTE – AP – EP البرنامج

08 mastery

09 human cadres training model

10 Governance

11 Specialized Tracks

12 work-based teaching

13 Undergraduate Acceleration Plan Dual Courses

14 Professional Certifications

15 graduation projects

16 Increasing class time and actual teaching hours

High school tracks

01 Business Administration

02 Computer Science and Engineering

03 health and life

04 legitimate path

Professional or skill certificates awarded during secondary school

01 General Track «Diploma or Bachelor»

02 Vocational Schools

Global Study Plan “Primary”

United States 1005

Netherlands 930

New Zealand 922

Ireland 905

France 900

Australia 880

Turkey 718

Korea 676

Finland 677

Germany 699

Saudi Arabia’s current plan is 785

Saudi Arabia developed plan 961

Saudi Arabia Advanced Plan + E-Learning 1005

Intermediate stage

United States 967

Netherlands 720

New Zealand 840

Ireland 704

France 684

Australia 820

Turkey 503

Korea 517

Finland 592

Germany 652

Saudi Arabia current plan 901

Saudi Arabia developed plan 1016

Saudi Arabia Advanced Plan + E-Learning 1057

Developed and new curricula

Islamic studies


digital skills



Physical education and self-defense

Development of a physical education guide

Critical thinking

Life and family skills

English language


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