147% growth of funds registered in “Securities” 2020 – the economic – the UAE economy


The number of foreign investment funds that were registered or regularized, in implementation of the controls issued by the Securities and Commodities Authority during the past year, amounted to about 114 funds, a growth of 147%, compared to the number registered in 2019.

The number of foreign investment funds registered with the Securities and Commodities Authority in 2016 was only two, before the number of registered funds increased in 2017 to about 270 funds, then to 164 funds in 2018, and the number of registered funds in 2019 did not exceed 46 Funds, before the number jumps again to the level recorded in 2020. Thus, the total number of foreign investment funds registered, or that have reconciled their status during the period, from 2016 until the end of 2020, reached about 596 funds, according to the data issued by the Authority.

The significant growth in the number of registered foreign investment funds confirms the distinguished position and great confidence that the UAE enjoys among foreign investment institutions, supported by the attractive investment environment in the local market, and the facilities and incentives that encourage investment in the country.

Foreign investment funds hold the nationalities of many countries around the world, including the United Kingdom, Switzerland, India, Cayman Islands, Saudi Arabia, Jersey and Pakistan, in addition to foreign funds managed by some local financial institutions.

The registered foreign investment funds vary, according to the purposes of the offering, to private placement funds, and others to offering in 2020.



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