Zidane is “optimistic” and the league’s struggle is raging


Real Madrid’s French coach Zinedine Zidane said yesterday, Wednesday, that “there will be no bad season, whether or not the royal club is crowned the Spanish Football League.” “We can win the Spanish League just as we can not win it,” Zidane said in a press conference on the eve of the confrontation with his host Granada at the end of the 36th stage of the league. The most important thing for us is to give everything we have in every game, every time we are on the field. This is what we are trying to do so far. ” “We played good matches and performed poorly,” he added. It is true that Real Madrid should have a season at the top to some extent, and not too many difficult seasons. This is the goal every time. But here, our target is the three remaining games »referring to his visit to Granada, Athletic Bilbao and to host Villarreal. Zidane made it clear that he does not “at all” look at the summer transfer window or his future. “There will be no bad season,” he said. The bad season for me is not to give everything on the pitch. After that, win the title. For example, if we went back to the Spanish League in 2017, then we were exceptional, we won it only in the last game. “We could have lost the title in the last game, but we won it,” he added. Here the same thing, a little bit of everything happens. You can win it like you can’t win it. But that is not the most important. What is important is to give your everything. Once you give your everything, this is life, you cannot control everything. The important thing is to control what you can do. If you give your all, then what happens will happen », referring to the club not having the fate of the league title in its own hands.

Atletico Madrid seems the closest to winning the local title at the expense of Real and Barcelona

Real Madrid are competing with Barcelona and Atletico Madrid for the domestic league title. It is worth mentioning that Atletico could have won the league a long time ago, especially when he moved away from his rivals Barcelona and Real Madrid by more than 10 points previously, but he returned and lost very easy matches, which made him be in an embarrassing position locally. Atletico’s many and unjustified losses put him under great pressure, and in the face of criticism from the Spanish press and activists on social media. The competition is expected to remain until the last week, provided that he does not lose any of the remaining two matches on the local league table (a match was played yesterday evening and ended after midnight). The final round of the Spanish League will be on Sunday the 16th of this month, with all matches played at the same time. (19:30 Beirut time)

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