Zainab Al-Askari cried after her daughter and mother were infected with the Corona virus


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I cried Zainab Al Askari The hearts of her followers, after a video clip in which the voice of the Bahraini star appeared in tears, after her mother and daughter were injured Corona virus epidemiological, covid 19, Where the Bahraini star felt very sad and her voice appeared in the video, blaming herself heavily, to interact with her followers who know how much she loves her daughters and fears them excessively, as well as her attachment to her mother.

Zainab Al-Askari said in the video clip, in which she wept for her followers: “Two Azaz, dear to my heart, my daughter and my mother, may God keep all of you away from all evil, Lord, I do not know how to speak, and by God I do not know. And it doesn’t hurt her.”

Zainab Al-Askari reveals that her daughter and mother were infected with the Corona virus

In the video, I spoke Zainab Al Askari With great emotion, her followers interacted with him, and Zainab Al-Askari collapsed in tears and spoke with great emotion as she revealed the reasons for her mother’s exposure to the virus, as she blamed herself and felt guilty and that she was the cause of her mother’s injury. He is away from your children, Lord, my mother was going for dialysis, and we had to call her because she had to go, we can’t treat her at home, when my mother arrived at the hospital and they took her from me. Her looks were not normal, as if she was saying don’t leave me here.”

Zainab Al Askari and her daughters

Zainab Al-Askari added: “A feeling that my mother arrived at the hospital and she looks at me as if she is talking to me to take her with me, I felt that I failed her because she did not accept to go to the hospital except for me, so I took her and let them take her. .

Zainab al-Askari crying

The circulation of a number of Bahraini star fans Zainab Al Askari The video clip in which her voice appeared crying, greatly affected by the injury of her daughter and her mother, and as soon as she finished her speech, comments that tried to support and calm her down, and among the comments: “God heal her and heal all the injured.

Zainab Al-Askari’s followers wrote to her in the comments: “God protects Laj Amj, Abuj, Brothers, Khawaj and Banatj, and preserves what is evil against you.” Some tried to share with her the events they went through and wrote: “God takes Corona, take the dearest people from us.” All sick believers and believing women.”

Zainab Al-Askari cried after her daughter and mother were infected with the Corona virus

Some people expressed their deep affection for Zainab Al-Askari’s talk and her crying and tried to calm her down. Among the comments: “God preserves them. My heart bleeds. God, my Lord, heals them and restores them and brings them to peace, Lord.” They need to come now more than before..and they will return it, God willing.”

Daughters of Zainab Al-Askari

Zainab Al-Askari has 3 girls who are always keen to share with her fans a lot of warm shots of them, which caused concern to the followers after the Bahraini star announced that they had been injured. Corona virus, where Al-Askari followers know her love for her daughters and her excessive fear for them.

Zainab Al-Askari cried after her daughter and mother were infected with the Corona virus

And one of the followers wrote in the comments: “This person loves her daughters with a love that is not natural. Her interest in them is crazy. I would say if something happens to them, she will die. I was sad and my tears fell when I spoke about her daughter and her mother. May God give them her right, Lord.” Benites and Emmets, Lord, sooner rather than later, heal all Muslim and Muslim patients, and lift the affliction and epidemic from us, Lord, and have mercy on us, Lord, with His mercy, Lord.


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