Zahra Arafat reveals her true age, the secret of her grace, and the story of the first Bahraini star – in video


The Bahraini actress disclosedArafat flowerShe asked about many mysteries and asked questions that came in the minds of many of her fans, during her guest visit to the “Sarai” program on Wednesday, which is broadcast onATV screenTurkish.

Arafat explained the reason for her controversial statement that she is the first Bahrain star, saying: “She said this in response to some people, and that the sentence came out of it by chance.” You mean that, considering that titles do not matter or affect anything, especially when the role is empty.
On how to maintain her agility, the Bahraini star confirmed that she followed the advice of one of the doctors, who advised her to lose two kilograms of weight every year, explaining that she was doing this in order to maintain her physical fitness, especially since she reached the age of fifty-one, revealing that she is now choosing roles commensurate with her real age .
Arafat stressed that what matters to her is fitness, not agility, and that she is always keen not to have flabbiness, indicating how she maintains her agility even though she loves to eat but in certain quantities, by following the intermittent fasting system away from the month of Ramadan, and her commitment By exercising by participating in a sports club, its exercises are based on the balance of the body without the use of sports equipment.
The Bahraini actress residing in Kuwait considered that social media platforms are a world that exists in itself and has its own people, but in the end it is not real and remains virtual.
It is noteworthy that Zahra Arafat is participating in the current Ramadan drama season through the series “Yajib Allah Khair”, written by Ali Al Dohan and directed by Saed Bashir Al Hawari.


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