Zafer El Abidine: Asabiyyah is my worst defect news


Tunisian artist Zafer El Abidine spoke with Anas Boukhash on his YouTube channel about his personal qualities.

Al-Abidin said: “One of my defects that do not appear in front of the public is nervousness. I am very nervous, so my nervousness has a lot of tension, and I would not like to see myself in this case.”

He added: As for my best qualities, they are easy to deal with.

It is noteworthy that Zafer El Abidine recently showed him the series “The Bride of Beirut” Part 2, on the mbc4 channel.

And the series “Bride of Beirut” starring Zafer El Abidine, Takla Shamoun, Carmen Bseebs, Mohamed Al Ahmad, Doha Al Dibs, and Joe Trad, and written by Nadine Jaber and Bilal Shehadat. The first part at the time of its presentation met with great public success, and it is an Arabized version of the Turkish series Istanbul Bride. ”

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