You will prefer the inside of every home… A grandson commemorates the memory of his death


Hassan Hisham, grandson of the star Hassan Hosni, sent a letter to his late grandfather expressing how much he misses him and that he will not be able to forget all the details he lived with his grandfather so far.

The grandson of the late Hassan Hosni published a post on his account on the social networking site “Facebook”, and he said: “As today, the day of your parting was the moment of our Saturday, and Saturday in the air, each of us is a sign and great pain, you will prefer our example in every need, you taught us how to love each other.” The most important need is our word.”
And he added, “Our pain is still as it was yesterday, you taught me patience and what do you love your job, and that the most important need is people’s love, we would learn everything from you and you were the best friend for each one of us, the source of our security, our joy and our appearance, and from that time we lost and we don’t know how to accept your separation.”

He concluded his letter to his grandfather, saying, “But there is no objection to the judgment of our Lord, and praise be to God for everything. You will be in every home. The most difficult thing is when the person in your hands remains the happiest and the most beautiful moments and memories become a memory. I see you soon, God willing.”


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