You are responsible for the political vitality in forming the government


In what was reported about the Pine Palace meeting at night, the annoyance that Prime Minister designate Saad Hariri showed to his host, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, is the following: You treat me as if I am obstructing, and like others obstructed. I am not like them and I am not disrupted. I submitted a government project and they did not accept it. I don’t know why you treat me like them?
The response of the French Minister: We are not talking about equal responsibilities, but rather a joint responsibility. We have nothing but our insistence on translating the French initiative into a government, and we are obliged to take measures against those who block it.
According to those familiar with the meeting, Hariri avoided talking about the French procedures and punitive measures, fearing that his interest in them would be understood as if he was afraid that they might affect him.
However, Le Drian called on him to hurry up the formation of the government, telling him that he should enjoy a political dynamic in his movement: You are responsible for the political vitality in forming the government.
In turn, the last phrase was interpreted as a call to the President-designate to reduce his stubbornness and his adherence to his conditions.


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