Yemen News Finally … Scientists reveal the secret behind the occurrence of deadly strokes from some Corona vaccines


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A group of researchers and scientists revealed reasons for understanding why Corona virus vaccines from AstraZenka and Johnson & Johnson cause rare but fatal blood clots, after recording a number of cases, which angered some and made them feel so reluctant to take vaccines.

Al-Arabiya Net quoted the German researcher, Dr. Andreas Grencher, that he found the chemical in the “AstraZenka” vaccine that leads to an immune reaction that produces those rare side effects that were recorded in a few people who received the vaccine, explaining that a preservative in the Covid-19 vaccine A subsidiary of “AstraZeneca” may lead to a rare over-reaction of the immune system that causes blood clots, according to the newspaper “The Wall Street Journal”.

The German professor and his team identified more than 1,000 proteins in the AstraZeneca vaccine derived from human cells, as well as a preservative known as ethylene diaminetracitic acid, or EDTA, that may trigger an overactive immune reaction by forming clumps using platelets in the bloodstream.

He also explained that inflammation caused by vaccines, in addition to PF4 compounds, can trick the immune system into thinking that the body has been infected with the bacteria, leading to an old defense mechanism that gets out of control and causes clotting and bleeding.

Professor John Kelton of McMaster University in Canada, whose group runs a reference laboratory to examine patients with symptoms of blood clotting after vaccination, said that the laboratory had repeated some of Greensher’s research and confirmed his findings.

However, Kelton explained that the reasons are not yet clear “enough”, indicating that Greensher’s hypothesis may be correct, but it may also be false.

Some scientists believe that the viruses themselves could play a role in triggering the condition because they are linked to blood clotting. Others speculate that infected people may have a genetic predisposition, or that their immune systems have previously developed the problematic antibody.

The World Health Organization announced last April that the link between the AstraZeneca vaccine against the Coronavirus and the emergence of a rare form of blood clots is “possible but not certain.”

The organization’s experts in the field of vaccines said earlier that specialized studies must be conducted in order to fully understand the possible link between vaccination and possible risk factors, noting that these phenomena are very rare despite being worrisome, noting that more than 200 million people have received the AstraZeneca vaccine – Oxford.

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