Yasser Jalal and a journey of brilliance between two “errors” … the president went astray and a man went astray


Some of our actors are in a hurry to play the absolute starring role, whether in cinema or drama, and because its time has not yet come, they return to the second ranks again, perhaps because the move was not calculated or not lucky, and others wait years and years until they feel that the time has come and must be fought Experience, and the last team belongs to the star Yasser Jalal since his first tournament in 2017 through the series “The President’s Stray”, who moved Yasser Jalal to the absolute championship stage through a series bearing his name. With specifications that combine handsome, fitness and diagnostic prowess.

The content of the Egyptian drama has been widely criticized during one period of time, and some have described it as a threat to the morals of the Egyptian family, due to the violence and thuggery they contain and the poor dialogue language. The star, Yasser Jalal.

The events of the series revolved around a girl from a simple family, whose parents struggled to raise her to be proud of her in front of people one day, that father did not limit or spare no effort to bring up his children to the values ​​and origins of the Egyptian family, so that the family woke up to a shocking news of trying to assault their daughter and abort her by force without knowing the perpetrator The father finds himself at a loss. Should he resort to the law in order to preserve his daughter’s rights and punish the criminal who exploited his daughter’s innocence? And he faces a society that stigmatizes his daughter? Or is he burying his head in the sand for fear of a scandal, and he will take revenge on his daughter?

These crimes have increased in recent years. News of accidents is not without an honor crime in which the girl was the perpetrator and the victim at the same time, and she finds the perpetrator enjoying his life as he pleases without feeling remorse or exploiting his social position in silencing the victim’s family with money in exchange for giving up their rights. But they find themselves behind bars in the end. Work wins the girl and takes revenge from the perpetrator.

Yasser Jalal introduced the character of the physical education teacher in the morning and the taxi driver at night, in order to provide his family with a decent life, that sincere man who lives with his daughters and his distant wife – Nermin al-Faki – and tries hard not to make her feel that she is missing something that these women have in other homes. In conclusion, he is a man who dreams of any woman on the face of which any son wishes his father, but life did not leave him in his condition and deprived him of the gentleness that he aspires in his life .

Yasser Jalal’s journey from “the president’s mislead” to “a man’s delusion” included 3 works, each of which was an addition in his stardom archive, as he is a businessman who works in money laundering and smuggling dollars in “Rahim”, and he is an ambitious wrestler who won many medals and awards and retires Because of an injury he sustained in “touching the shoulders”, and finally he is the bully in the world of popular neighborhoods, where these neighborhoods organize and manage their affairs by a class of people called “bullies”.


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