Yasser Jalal: “A man went astray” and has nothing to do with any public opinion issue


Yasser Jalal
Yasser Jalal

Yasser Jalal: “A man went astray” and has nothing to do with any public opinion issue

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Friday, May 14, 2021 – 06:52 PM

A mysterious case, exciting details, and a difficult crime, he tried to decipher its talismans and a very important message presented by the star Yasser Jalal in his series “The Lost Man”, through which he proved that he is always looking for difference and flies out of the flock in an area far from his rivals. She met him.today’s newsHe talked aboutA man went astray»In the next dialogue.
At first I told him:

In every Ramadan season, you are walking outside the group and achieving success in a different region. Is this just a coincidence or are you deliberately choosing those different areas?
Certainly, success and success in the first and last place is in the hands of our Lord, Glory be to Him, and after that I do everything that I can and I do all my effort and focus and I do not shorten the right to work or the right of myself or the right of my colleagues, and I care about the details of the personality that I present and I care about preserving The role is good before the start of filming, and the state of harmony between everyone in the work team Serial It is one of the most important secrets of the success of any work, and this is what happens in the scenes of “Ragel lost” and in any other work I recently presented. Love prevails in the atmosphere of the scenes because for me art is love and beautiful meanings and this is reflected when the series is presented, and certainly success always depends on the spirit of the team and not the individual And any successful work you will find behind it a whole team of distinguished people, each in his specialization, and I thank our Lord for his success to me and my colleagues in “the way out of a man”, and the reactions of the viewers, which greatly pleased us and pleased me with the positive comments that I heard from the audience, which is definitely the first motivation for me and all my colleagues to present work. Fitting for them.
Does “Ragel Stray” shed light on an incident that was recently covered by the media and turned into a public opinion issue known as the “Fairmont Hotel” case?
Some thought, after watching the promo and the first episode, that the series’s story contained omissions or details of a famous case, but they discovered the truth as the events went by and followed it up, and that the series had nothing to do with any issue of public opinion, but it discussed a really very important issue, and I am very impressed with the message presented by the series and the human relations it presents. And I hope that it attains the admiration of everyone, especially that with the passage of the episodes the viewer discovers that there are many surprises and is not at all expected, and everyone has made a very great effort to produce the series in a way that provides a story that respects the viewer and at the same time enjoys watching it, and this is our goal for all of us and the goal of the rest of my colleagues who present beautiful works During the month of Ramadan.
Since the “Shadow of the President” series, you have been keen on having a large number of stars in all of your works with a large area, unlike some of the heroes who rely on the idea of ​​”Al Sunaidah”?
I always emphasize in every press interview or TV interview that the reason for the success of any work is the team and not the individual, regardless of the size of the star who leads the tournament. The end is a weak work, and I have already made sure, since the shadow of the president, that all the stars and actors get spaces that make the work a real artistic match in which we all compete to present our best, and this certainly is in the end in the interest of the work as a whole and makes us present work befitting the audience and brings us continuity in success. After the success of our Lord, of course, and in a lost man, I am happy to deal with all the stars who participated and added a lot to me and benefited from them a lot, and very happy to cooperate with the great director Ahmed Saleh and the wonderful writer Ahmed Abdel Fattah, who I was honored a lot to work with them and I hope to repeat this cooperation in the future, and I want I also thank the director of photography, the artist, Mohamed Abdel-Raouf, who came as a surprise to me.


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