Yalla Shot Juventus and Inter Live | Watch the Juventus and Inter Milan match broadcast live today 05/15/2021 Italian League


Newly-crowned Serie A champions Inter Milan will try to watch their muscles when they face recently ousted Juventus at Allianz Stadium on Saturday.

Inter won the title last week and are currently 13 points ahead of runners-up Atalanta after losing just two of the 36 games they played this season.


With six defeats, Juventus are fifth against one point outside the Champions League and 16 points behind Inter.
After winning five of the last ten matches (two draws and three defeats), Juventus risk losing the top four.

Wednesday’s 3-on-1 win over Sassuolo kept Andrea Pirlo’s men in search, but they could not afford to lose any more points until the end of the season.

After conceding 35 goals this season, Juventus currently has the second best defensive record in the Italian League against Inter’s behind (31).

However, this season they have scored only 70 goals. The top four teams have all scored more goals than Juventus.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored 28 goals in 32 league matches in 2020/21 but his team-mates were unable to contribute enough.

As we already know, Inter Milan has only lost two of its 36 Serie A matches this season against 27 wins and seven draws.

Antonio Conte’s men will face an unbeaten series of 20 games on Sunday that includes 16 wins and just four draws.

Inter scored a total of eight goals in their last two matches, beating Sampdoria 5 against 1 before facing Roma 3 against 2 on Wednesday.

This means that they have scored 82 league goals this season against an average of more than 2.2 goals per match.

Romelu Lukaku scored 22 goals and 10 assists in 34 Serie A matches this season and has been phenomenal throughout the title campaign.

Head to head: Juventus beat Inter in the Coppa Italia early in the season with an all-out 2-on-1 victory.

However, Inter celebrated their 2-0 win over Juventus in the Italian league in January and were much better than Pirlo’s team this year.

Team news: Fortunately for Juventus, they have no fear of injury when they play two vital club matches.

On the other hand, injured Inter Milan are supposed to miss Arturo Vidal and Alexander Kolarov on Saturday.

Juventus will aim to finish the season at the highest level but at the end of the day, Inter are at a very different level from their rivals this season.

Forbet expects Inter will defeat Juventus in a thrilling match on Saturday, with the two teams scoring more than 1.5 goals.


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