X-ray shows a boxer’s skull after a fight on the world champion’s belt! (Video and photos)


British WBO belt holder Billie Joe Saunders suffered a severe injury during his fight against Mexican world champion Saul Alvarez at dawn on Sunday in the United States of America.

The ringside view of these Canelo punches 🤯🔥#CaneloSaunders pic.twitter.com/VXIju9IsLu

Saunders was unable to continue the fight after the ninth round, due to severe injuries in the face, to lose by knockout.

An X-ray image of the British boxer’s skull was published on social media, showing the extent of the damage caused to it as a result of the “Canelo” strikes.

This looks bad in English. What @MikeCoppinger is describing looks even worse in CT. https://t.co/OvntUApmtu pic.twitter.com/lt7yMUJ1ib

The promoter of the struggles, Judy Hearn, revealed the details of Billie Joe Saunders’ injury, explaining that the Mexican champion, nicknamed “Canelo”, smashed the British face with the first punch.”Billy Joe was lying in a hospital in Dallas, and he was there all night,” Hearn said.

According to the World Boxing Council (WBC) and the World Boxing Association (WBA), Saul Alvarez “Canelo” snatched the WBO belt from Billy Joe Saunders, afflicting him the first defeat in his professional career.

Saul Alvarez (30 years) achieved his 56 victory, including 38 by knockout, so far in his professional career, for one defeat, and two draws.

On the other hand, Billie Joe Saunders (31 years) suffered the bitterness of the first defeat in his professional career so far, after 30 victories.


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