World Nursing Day: How did health care staff survive the epidemic?


  • Sophia Petiza
  • BBC – World Service

Paulo Miranda and his daughter Vittoria

Photo released, Paolo Miranda

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The birth of Vitoria, the baby, helped Paulo overcome PTSD

The nursing profession had a fundamental role in fighting the Covid 19 epidemic around the world, but workers in this profession were, at the same time, the most affected in the epidemic crisis, on the physical and psychological levels.

On the occasion of World Nursing Day, the BBC spoke with a number of health care workers in Italy who have dealt with the epidemic since the beginning of its outbreak last year, about how they were able to find solutions that helped them cope with the pressure of the epidemic and the effects of the trauma they experienced during the crisis of its outbreak.

“We carry In our memories and our depths All we’ve seen

Photo released, Paolo Miranda

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Paulo Miranda began taking pictures of his colleagues as they learn to deal with the epidemic

“I never imagined that I would ever get my life back,” says Paulo Miranda, a nurse in Cremona’s intensive care unit who decided last year to document the tragic situation in his unit by taking pictures.


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