“Woolaroo AI” … an app from Google to protect endangered languages


Museum collaboration Yugambeh Australian with the Department of Culture and Arts at Google, to develop a tool Woolaroo An open source AI-based application that was launched through an application on smartphones, and aims to teach and preserve endangered languages.

The tool relies on its work on Google Translate, cloud vision, machine learning and image recognition, in order to translate images of objects captured by the phone lens into the original languages ​​in real time. If multiple objects are detected in an image, users can click and select them to find out their identity and translate their name.

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It has also been designed Woolaroo To encourage individuals and communities to contribute by adding new words and phoneme recordings to help pronounce words in endangered local languages. It can be translated into multiple languages, including English, French and Spanish.

Museum director Rory O’Connor said in a statement quoted by the site Zdnet.net “It is crucial for Indigenous communities that Woolaroo It puts in their hands the ability to add, edit and delete entries completely. So people can immediately respond to newly remembered words and phrases and add them directly. “


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