“Women’s Monodrama Festival”: Freedom and Equality


The administration of the “Istanbul Theater” and the “Tiro Arts Association” announced the names of the honorees in the second round of the “Lebanon International Theater Festival for Women’s Monodrama” (between May 22 and 24 this year) in the “Free Lebanese National Theater” (Tire – South Lebanon). Under the slogan “for freedom and equality.” The list includes: Renee Deak (photo), Latifa Hammadi, Fadwa Hashem, Randa Kaadi and Bernadette Hodeib.

Local, Arab and foreign theatrical performances participate in the event, competing within the official competition for live performances for awards for the best actress, best script, best scenography and costumes, best directing and best integrated work, in addition to the jury prize consisting of director and designer Jana Al Hassan, choreographer Dalal Bazzi, and designer Fashion Noor Al-Nosli.
The founder of the “Lebanese National Theater”, actor and director Qassem Istanbul, affirmed that “the honorable women in the second session of the festival have contributed greatly to the cultural, theatrical and cinematic movement in Lebanon, and the celebration is in order to highlight the important role of women in the history of the theatrical, cinematic and artistic movement in Lebanon.” ».”The International Lebanon Theater Festival for the Women’s Monodrama”: between May 22 and 24 – “The Free Lebanese National Theater” (Tire – South Lebanon). For inquiries: 81/870124

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