With a liquidity of 158 billion riyals .. the Saudi stock market rises for the fifth month in May


The Saudi stock market rose for the fifth month in the longest monthly rise series since September 2020, to close at its highest level since October 2014 at 10,551 points, with gains of 132 points, about 1.3 percent. While the MT30 index, which measures the performance of the blue-chips, fell by eight points, by 0.56 per cent, to close at 1,415 points. The performance of the market in May is weaker than the previous three months, with a decline in activity for the second month. The market is still trading in high frequencies, which shows the volume of demand for the market and the appetite for high risk, which reflects optimistic expectations about the profitability of companies during the current year and their ability to achieve growth that improves the evaluation of companies, but the volume of optimistic dealers seems to have decreased their influence in the market due to the performance The index was weak and the market was subjected to selling pressure during the month. The highest point during the month was at 10,418 points, with gains of 1.5 percent, while the lowest was at 1010 points, a loss of 2.4 percent at the time. Liquidity fell 16 percent to lose 29 billion riyals to reach 158 billion riyals, while traded shares fell 16 percent by about one billion shares to reach 5.5 billion shares, while deals fell 11 percent by about 832 thousand deals to reach 6.5 million deals.
In terms of sectors, four sectors declined compared to the increase of the rest. The decline was led by “public utilities” by 3.9 percent, followed by “food fragmentation” by 2.3 percent, and “banks” by 0.5 percent. While the rise was led by “media” by 3.1 percent, followed by “capital goods” by 8.4 percent, and “real estate traded funds” by 7.9 percent.
As for the higher stocks, it was led by “Al-Abdul Latif” by about 53 percent to close at 31.35 riyals, followed by “Al-Mashaer REIT” by 43 percent to close at 12.42 riyals, and “Tabuk Agricultural” by 38 percent to close at 37.60 riyals. On the other hand, the decline was led by “Investment” by 7.5 percent to close at 17.34 riyals, followed by “Saudi Fransi” by 6.9 percent to close at 36.30 riyals, and “Al-Ahly” by 6.5 percent to close at 53.10 riyals.


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