Will Messi move to Manchester City?


The father of the Spanish coach, Josep Guardiola, revealed the fact that his son wanted to join the Argentine football legend Lionel Messi from Barcelona, ​​Spain, to Manchester City.

Valenti Guardiola, the father of Manchester City’s coach and former Catalan team, said that his son “never wanted to sign Messi because he did not want to harm Barcelona,” according to statements reported by the Spanish sports newspaper, Marca.

There was a lot of news indicating that Messi (33 years) might leave Barcelona, ​​especially after his recent problems with the previous administration, and Manchester City’s name appeared as the most prominent candidate to sign the superstar.

Father Guardiola said: “There is no club in the world that does not want to sign Messi. I have been watching him since he was 12 and 13 years old in Barcelona.”

He added: “I am sure that Pep will be happy to have Messi in Manchester City, but he also does not want to harm Barcelona in any way.”

The father of the brilliant coach added, “His encouragement for his son’s clubs surpassed his love and devotion to Barcelona,” the city in which the Guardiola family had grown up.

Valente said: “I belong to Barcelona and I always want them to win, but I want to win first for my son Pep, then my Barcelona team will come.”


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