Why did the actress Nahla Salama divorce 48 hours after her marriage? Fikrun and Art – Stars and Celebrities


Egyptian actress Nahla Salama revealed that one of her marriages lasted only 48 hours ،Noting that this marriage was to someone from outside the artistic community.

She explained that the reason for the failure of the marriage quickly is that her husband asked her not to go to the theater, and she was committed to contracts and penal conditions, and he asked her to stop acting, saying: “I got married outside the artistic community and got divorced after 48 hours..

Nahla Salama stated, during her meeting on the “Sheikh of the Warm and the Bold” program, with director Inas El-Deghidi, broadcast on the Egyptian “Cairo and People” screen, that her marriage to director Mohamed Khan lasted for two or three months..

And she confirmed that the problems between them caused them to reach the stage of divorce, and that they decided to separate because of the age difference that reached between them to 25 years..



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