White House: Biden talks with Netanyahu and Abbas


US President Joe Biden in Washington, DC, with a photo from Reuters archive. reuters_tickers

This content was published on May 15, 2021 – Jul 20,

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – US President Joe Biden has spoken with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, the White House said on Saturday, amid continuing conflict between Israel and the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and the destruction of a building housing media institutions.

On Saturday, Israel bombed Gaza and destroyed the building, while Palestinian rockets fell on Tel Aviv, without any sign of the end of the week-long conflict.

Biden, during his call with Netanyahu, reaffirmed “the strong support of the United States for Israel’s right to defend itself against the rocket attacks from Hamas.”

(Prepared by Muhammad Al-Yamani for the Arabic Newsletter – Edited by Ahmed Hassan)


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