WhatsApp is developing new features, including chat migration


WhatsApp is developing new features, including chat migration

WhatsApp’s change of policy sparked controversy among users, and its launch has been delayed several times, but it continues to develop its functions across smart phone platforms.

WhatsApp has developed a new feature called “chat migration”, which allows users to get rid of restrictions on transferring data across operating systems, and allow them to easily transfer chats and messages between Android and iOS systems, according to “geo news”.

The chat migration feature is available in the future update of the WhatsApp application, and it contributes to the transfer of their chat history between Android and iPhone phones, in order to dispense with third-party applications that violate the terms of service for “WhatsApp”.

The new WhatsApp feature makes it easy to transfer messaging app chats between Android and iOS systems.

The WhatsApp application is also working to develop and launch a new feature that allows users to change some colors within the application, according to WABetainfo.


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