WhatsApp grants a new feature for privacy..Video mode


The chat application works “What’s Up “On a number of new features to its users after applying the new privacy conditions, including the disappearing mode feature, in order to enable users to have greater privacy.

Development of privacy features

WhatsApp is developing its best privacy features, which is the disappearing mode feature, or the disappearing mode, for iOS users from iPads and iPhones, to be released for a period of time for Android phone users.

The disappearing mode feature provides great privacy for users when they start new chats by disappearing messages and activating the feature within contact information and group information, it can be activated manually when the contact starts in a new conversation.

Feature characteristics

This feature will enable the erasure of the chat history after the user reads the message, and all information indicating that you are in contact will be hidden on the application, and it is announced that the disappearance feature will be launched in the coming weeks for iPhone users.

It is announced that WhatsApp will issue the disappearing messages feature, with a number of options, including a 24-hour option, as the recently launched feature includes the disappearance of chat messages after 7 days.

The data on WABetaInfo indicates that the 7-day feature will still be available in the feature of hidden messages on WhatsApp, along with the feature of messages disappearing after a period of 24 hours, and the advertiser is expected to add WhatsApp other options soon.


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