What is the truth of stopping the operating system Windows 10 X?


Recently, media reports have spread about the suspension of the Windows 10 X operating system .. What is the truth of this news?

Petri.com, a website specializing in technology issues, stated that the American software company, Microsoft, will not release an update to the Windows 10 X PC operating system during the current year, and it may not put more of this system on the market at all.

It is reported that Windows 10 X is a simplified version of the Windows 10 operating system

Windows 10 X was first unveiled in 2019 as an operating system for dual-screen PCs such as Surface New, which is currently discontinued.

Cnet.com and Zednet.com, which specialize in technology issues, stated last April that Microsoft intends to re-launch the Surface New PC with a single screen.

Although the development of Windows 10 X may be halted, Microsoft is expected to release an update to the Windows 10 operating system later this year as part of the Sun Valley update that Microsoft reports are talking about.

For its part, Microsoft refused to comment on the reports about the fate of Windows 10 X.

According to Microsoft, there are now 1.3 billion active Windows 10 devices, and this represents a large number of existing devices, and it appears that Microsoft is now focusing on improving the core of Windows rather than introducing a new version.

Microsoft had originally planned to introduce Windows 10X, the simpler and lighter version of Windows, along with new dual-screen devices, such as the Surface Neo.

That was before the pandemic spread, and Microsoft decided to prioritize Windows 10X for single-screen laptops instead.

Designed as a competitor to Chrome OS, Windows 10X included a streamlined interface, an updated Start menu without Live Tiles, multitasking improvements, and a dedicated app container for performance and security.

Microsoft’s overall goal with Windows 10X was to create an abstract, simplified, and modern version of Windows.

Microsoft has always viewed Chromebooks as a major threat in businesses and schools, but over the past year there has been a huge increase in demand for Windows laptops.


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