What is the truth about the death of Duraid Lahham?


The Syndicate of Syrian Artists issued a statement to respond to the recent news circulating on social media about the death of the Syrian artist, Duraid Lahham.

The director of the Damascus branch of the Syndicate, Tamader Ghanem, denied the validity of this news, and confirmed that she was tired of denying the rumors recently.

She pointed out that “some people are completely free to broadcast rumors daily, and the Syndicate has had to clarify and deny them.”
Tamader Ghanem explained that she receives daily communications to confirm news about the life or health of a particular artist, and indicated that he had received the news of the death of Duraid Lahham, while he was living his life in a normal and good health.

Ghanem appealed to all pages on social media to stop spreading such rumors, stressing that people’s lives are precious.

Source: Sputnik


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