What is the truth about software flaws Dell computers?


Experts from SentinelLabs have warned of software vulnerabilities that could threaten the data security of millions of computers Dell Raised in various countries of the world according to RT.

The experts in the aforementioned company indicated that they discovered 5 software bugs they described as very dangerous in the software update engine for Dell computers.

They noted that the aforementioned software update engine is present in hundreds of millions Dell Computers Which has been launched in the world since 2009.

According to experts, the exploits that carried the coding “CVE-2021-21551” could be exploited to gain access to the cores of computer operating systems and their data, or to obtain permissions to control these systems remotely.

SentinelLabs indicated that it informed Dell of the discovered vulnerabilities, and the latter is working to address the problem through software updates, and warnings are sent to users and organizations that their devices may be affected by this.

Dell is one of the most well-known brands in the world, selling millions of laptops, desktops and server systems annually to consumers and businesses alike.


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