What is the “force sensor” button on the Apple AirPods Pro?


A recent report revealed that Apple is working to add a new button to the AirPods Pro, known as a “force sensor”, as it is considered a serrated part of the legs. AirPods Pro, with some devices that measure touch and pressure as well.

Wireless speaker control:

It is a matter of controlling Headphones Wireless is relatively new, and older in-ears often had a row of buttons across their wires, which allowed the volume and playback controls to be easily accessible and found, but wireless in-ears don’t leave much room for buttons or ways to control playback. This forces manufacturers to devise alternative solutions.

Touch controls used by headphones like Galaxy Buds or regular AirPods emerged as the most popular answer, but the problem is that the earbuds are in the ear, and the tap controls mean that you’re either pushing those earbuds into your ear Sometimes painfully dislodging or dislodging them, you risk losing or damaging them when they fall to the ground.

The utility of the force sensor

Instead of putting pressure on your ear, Apple makes users press on the stem of the AirPod, and this method does not move the earpiece as much, which reduces the problem of discomfort and the risk of falling, while the controls for AirPods are very similar to other ways to control the headphone .

The design guides you how to use it as well and where to press the button to activate the button, while the button is difficult to activate unintentionally, because it needs some slight force, and there is no physical tactile feedback from the force sensor.


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