What did Soad Hosni say about Laila Hamada … on her birthday?


She was distinguished by angelic features, a charming smile and a beautiful voice. She is the artist, Laila Hamada, whose birthday falls on May 14th. Lily Hamadeh participated for the first time in television programs when she was no more than five years old, when Mama Samiha, the general manager of television programs, discovered her and appeared with Baba Shari, She participated in the programs until she reached high school and stopped working.

Despite her love for art and acting, she had another ambition, to study politics and economics, which needed a large group in order to join this college, and was able to fulfill her dream and even became his doctor in this field, and that was next to the dream of art and acting, which she did not forget and began to advance this Roles even seen by Ramses Naguib, who was preparing at the time to present “Mim Empire” and joined the film and was a great start in her artistic career.

Lily Hamada (3)

Laila Hamada continued to lead secondary roles, until she had the opportunity to star in the movie “Al-Mughnati” with Shukri Sarhan, Suheir Al-Morshedy and Al-Muntaser Billah, but it did not achieve success. Perhaps the reason is that it was a second version of the late Suad Hosni’s film, “Hassan and Naima”, which she presented and achieved great success. What put Lily Hamada in comparison with her and she was definitely in the interest of Souad Hosni, and it became clear after that that this film caused the anger of Souad Hosni and said about him: “Classic films must not be returned again, and if the producers decide to return them, they must search for actors to a large degree. Of perfection. ”

Perhaps it is the only movie that starred Lily Hamada, and she returned again to secondary roles. She was fortunate to participate with director Youssef Chahine in two films, “Alexandria Leh” and “Hadouta Masriya”. She married an Egyptian businessman with Italian origins, but I stipulated that she would retire, so Laila Hamada agreed, but after a while, she returned again through radio and television drama.

Lily Hamada (2)
Lily Hamada (2)

Lily Hamada (1)
Lily Hamada (1)


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