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Emirati actress Ahlam Al Shamsi arrived at the launch site of the “Carbol Karaoke” program with the Lebanese journalist, Wissam Baridi, in a helicopter in the manner of Hollywood films, and spoke spontaneously about her artistic and personal life.

During the episode, Bridi revealed the Emirati star’s phone bill, pointing out that it had reached $ 3,000 in just 3 days, so Ahlam commented on the matter in exchange, saying: “The first time I honestly know that my husband Mubarak Al-Hajri does not love me. Nothing I deserve “dreams.

She also talked about losing her dresses during one of her concerts, saying: “Imagine the Dubai Opera while I am rich.

In a funny way, Wissam asked the number of her secret safe, Ahlam hurried and gave him a very difficult number, to laugh afterwards and say: “The number does not help you, why do you know where the safe is and in which country.”

She also addressed the issue of re-filming her album “Fadwa Ayounak”, asserting that “filming the songs of my new album cost me more than a million dollars.

During the dialogue, Ahlam surprised her husband by calling him, and she sang to him the song “My eyes” from her last album, to respond to her: “May God make her happy, prolong her life, and give you my love, you.”

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