Watch … the moment the Chinese missile debris passed through two Arab countries – the Arabs and the world – the world


On Sunday, the International Astronomy Center published a video of the passage of the debris of the Chinese “Long March 5B” missile over the city of Amman – Jordan, during its normal passage and about ten minutes before its fall.

The center also published another video from the Sultanate of Oman, showing the start of the Chinese missile entering the atmosphere.

The first video showed debris passing over the Jordanian capital, Amman, about 10 minutes before it fell.

The International Astronomy Center revealed, on its Twitter account, that the video was filmed by a member of the International Astronomy Center’s satellite fall tracking program.

The video, which takes about 42 seconds, shows the uncontrolled movement of the stray missile, which appeared in the form of a white circle clearly visible in the middle of a clear sky.



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