Watch the Manchester United and Rome match broadcast live today in the European League


The Manchester United team is preparing to face Roma this evening, Thursday, May 6, at the Olympico Stadium, as part of the semi-final second leg of the European Football League Championship.

The 365 football game offers its followers to watch the Manchester United match against Roma live broadcast today, with the start of the start whistle scheduled for 9:00 pm Cairo time, i.e. ten in Mecca time, and the match will be broadcast live on the BBC Sport HD2 Premium with an audio performance Commentator Ahmed Al Balushi.

Manchester United are close to reaching this final after they succeeded in defeating Rome by five by two goals in the match that was held at Old Trafford, to knock the final match doors strongly.

The Red Devils are in high spirits and his focus is high for him in the match in order to reach the final and save his season, at least with a championship he has been eager to do for years, he did not climb the podiums, so he will make the best effort tonight to win the bet and return from home with his head held high.

On the other hand, Roma suffers in this situation after a heavy defeat in the go, which makes the match more difficult for him, but prepare for this battle with all strength as he aspires to present a match with a strength befitting him, through which he seeks with all strength to win, hoping to turn the balance and create an element of surprise With Remontada’s historic work to restore his glories again, but this is difficult because United has great experience and can deal with this atmosphere inside the green rectangle.


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