Watch the beauty and innocence of Donia Batma’s youngest daughter in her first appearance


Donia Batma finally revealed the face of her youngest daughter, “Laila Rose”, while celebrating the marriage of her sister, Ibtisam Batma, and Donia Batma published several photos of her with her family on this happy occasion.

The first appearance of Donia Batma’s daughter, “Laila Rose”

Several pages on the communication sites circulated pictures of Donia Batma’s youngest daughter, “Laila Rose”, in which she appeared in her face for the first time, and Donia Batma’s daughter caught the attention in her first appearance, and the audience commented on her beauty and innocence, as well as on the similarities between her and her parents, and it seems that the image of Donia’s daughter Butma was leaked after Donia Batma posted the same picture on Instagram, but she hid her daughter’s features, before revealing the original picture, which revealed her daughter’s features.

Donia Butma’s youngest daughter grabs attention

Donia Batma had received her youngest daughter “Laila Rose” last November, and at that time she published several photos and videos of the moment of her daughter’s reception and her special celebration, as well as several photo sessions with her daughter, but she hid her daughter’s features in the pictures, unlike her eldest daughter “Ghazl”. Donia Batma publishes photos of her on Instagram without hiding her features from the public.

Donia Batma celebrates her sister Ibtisam’s wedding

And Donia Batma recently celebrated the marriage of her sister, Ibtisam Batma, after her release from prison, and over the past few days, she published several photos and videos of the wedding ceremony, which was held at home and in a special festive atmosphere. To her pictures with her daughters “Ghazal” and “Leila Rose”.

Ibtisam Batma received congratulations from a number of her followers, and her sister, Donia, was keen to celebrate her and published several photos of them via Instagram, from the night of henna and commented: “Congratulations, my love, may God complete it.” Due to the violation of the state of health emergency imposed in the Kingdom, after a number of invitees began to withdraw after the security intervention, but Donia Batma denied the matter through the short stories feature on Instagram, and confirmed that the number of invitees was few and no raids took place, pointing out that it is scheduled To take place a huge wedding after the lifting of the stone and the opening of the halls.


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