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Scoring a goal by a goalkeeper remains one of his greatest individual achievements in football. It happened rarely, or even rarely, that happens inside the green rectangle, and if it happens, you can only smile while watching it.

But sometimes the goal scored by the goalkeeper is decisive and makes the difference with his club at the local or regional level, which is what the Brazilian international Alison Becker did, the Liverpool goalkeeper of England, who scored the winning goal for the Reds on Sunday against West Bromwich in the Premier League championship. »To narrow the difference between him and Chelsea, fourth in the standings of the tournament table, to one point.

The newspaper “AS” monitors the 6 most important deadly goals scored by goalkeepers in the world, which are as follows:

Alison (Liverpool vs. West Bromwich)

Baker assumed the role of a savior striker when he scored the winning goal for Liverpool with his head on West Brom, with two goals to one, after he scored for his team the three points with a fatal goal in the match that brought them together at Hawthorne Stadium in the context of the 36th round of the English Premier League, to preserve his team’s hopes of qualifying for the Premier League championship. European Champions League «Champions League».

Alison thus became the sixth goalkeeper to score in the Premier League, and it may prove to be invaluable at all if Klopp’s squad succeeds in securing a place in the semi-finals in the Premier League table, and then qualifying for the Champions League next season.

Jimmy Glass (Carlisle United v Plymouth)

Perhaps the most valuable and exciting goal in the minds of the English football fans is the one that Jimmy Glass scored against Plymouth, to keep his team Carlisle United in the English third division, to save his team from relegation in the 1998-1999 season.

At a time when the game was tied, and with the approaching end of stoppage time and the final whistle, Carlisle United got a corner kick. Coach Nigel Pearson asked his goalkeeper to advance, and he pursued the corner with a shot into the net. It was the last of her three matches he played for Carlisle.

Oscarine Masuluki (Baruca v Orlando Pirates)

Oscarine Masuluca scored a superb goal from an acrobatic double background in the sixth minute of stoppage time for Baruca against Orlando Pirates in the South African League on November 30, 2016.

Although Masuluca’s goal scored a point for his team, it did not save him from relegation.

It is worth noting that this goal ranks second in the FIFA classification for the most beautiful goals of the year, behind the great goal scored by French international Olivier Giroud, Chelsea’s star, from a double background against Atletico Madrid in the European Champions League this season.

Schmeichel (Manchester United vs Rotor Volgograd)

Veteran Dane Peter Schmeichel, the legendary Manchester United goalkeeper and a member of his golden generation, scored 13 goals throughout his tournament-packed football career, and perhaps the most important of them ever was his famous goal against Rotor Volgograd in the last seconds, in the second leg of the European Cup, to qualify his team to second floor.

Renée Higuita (Atlético Nacional v Riverplay)

In the first leg of the semi-finals of the 1995 Copa Libertadores, former Colombian international Rene Higuita, nicknamed The Crazy Man, scored for Atlético Nacional from a free kick against Argentine Riverblate in Medellín, to lead his team towards the final.

It is worth noting that Higuita also scored for his team in the second leg, one of the penalties, which his team won 8-7.

Brinioli (Benevento v Milan)

Benevento promoted to the Italian Premier League for the first time ever in 2017, but they lost their first 14 games that season, and set a negative record in it in the European five major leagues, and seemed to be holding back for another loss when they were 2-1 behind Milan and entered the match in the few seconds. The last of the injury time.

But Benevento got a corner kick and his goalkeeper Brignioli saw that he had nothing to lose, so he advanced into the penalty area in Milan, and succeeded in placing the ball with his head in the net of Milan, so that his team scored its first point in the league after 14 successive losses.



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