Watch .. Sultan Abdul Latif: Belqis will remain dear … and I will not respond to it


The Saudi businessman left Sultan Abdul Latif, The artist’s husband Balqis Fathy About his silence for the first time, since his wife announced that he had filed a lawsuit that was officially overthrown by him, in an official announcement by her of the end of their relationship.

Sultan was a guest of the journalist Ali Ajami, in an interview with the Emirates News website, in which he spoke for the first time about his crisis with Belqis.

Sultan said, “These matters will remain a secret between us out of respect for the long ten years and the customs and traditions that we were brought up with in the Gulf.”

Sultan refused to reveal the reasons for the disagreement, saying only: “I am sure that the law will take its course, and Belqis will remain precious despite anything. She is the mother of my son, Turki, and I will not talk about this issue again.”

Belqis surprised her audience recently when she responded to the question of the journalist Sobhi Otri during a telephone conversation with MBC “Trendin” about the secret behind her not appearing recently with her husband, saying: “I am filing a divorce case for a while in the UAE courts and I have confidence in the judiciary .. And frankly, I do not have the details. More and I cannot speak more about the topic ”.

And she continued: “Our data is the most beautiful gift in the world, its name is Turki … I do not have more details, and I cannot go into more detail …

It is noteworthy that Balqees got married at the Armani Hotel inside the Burj Khalifa, on December 30, 2016, and wore a wedding dress designed by Saudi Arabia, Tima Abed, which took more than 1,400 hours to sew, and was studded with more than 20,000 diamond stones, and Bilqis gave birth to their first son, Turki, on May 12. 2018.

In the video, Belqis announces that a husband’s divorce case has been filed

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