Watch .. Munif Al-Harbi opens fire on Khaled Al-Ghamdi because of what he said about Al-Nasr: “You have a complex in this matter … and the club is bigger than you!”


Sports Observatory: Munif Al-Harbi opened fire on Khaled Al-Ghamdi because of his statements against Al-Nasr during his appearance on Al-Riyadiah, after confirming that he left the club due to personalization and in an unprofessional manner.

Al-Harbi said during his speech on the Diwaniyah program: Captain Khaled Al-Ghamdi, I think he has a contract from his exit from Al-Nasr Club. He uses insulting to Al-Nasr Club and certain projections. There are programs in which Khaled appeared on certain occasions to bring down Al-Nasr Club.

He continued: When others use you to achieve their goals, I consider it naivety of the player to drift in this direction, victory is greater than him, no matter how much he tries to provoke victory and tweets before about things that reveal that he is a hasty person and always repeats mistakes and what he did offend him.


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