Watch: How the artists showed solidarity with the residents of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood


After the Israeli occupation expelled the Palestinians from their original homes in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, some artists showed great solidarity with the Palestinian people.Hafeez Draghi, the Algerian sports commentator, published a post on the social networking application (Facebook), and said: “What is happening in the Al-Aqsa Mosque in this holy month is a crime against humanity and religious sanctities, and the silence of the international community and Arab regimes in particular is complicity, cowardice, humiliation and dishonor.” .

And he added, “This is the result of normalization, which was said to have come to protect the Palestinian people and restore their stolen rights !!”

While the Egyptian artist Hamada Hilal published a post and a picture on (Facebook), and wrote: “Oh God, there is no help after your help, and there is no Hafez after you save ..
Save the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

And the Egyptian artist Fathi Abdel-Wahab Hashtag published “ Save_Sheikh_Jarah neighborhood.”

The Palestinian artist Muhammad Assaf expressed solidarity with his people and wrote on his official account on (Facebook): “The house is our house, and the house is our house..and we are the people of Jerusalem and its companions .. # Save the Sheikh_ Jarrah neighborhood .. # Jerusalem_close.”

The Egyptian footballer, Ahmed Hassan, showed solidarity with the residents of Sheikh Jarrah, and said in a post on his Facebook page: “The Chilean club Palstino enter the stadium floor with the Palestinian shemagh as a support for the honorable people of Palestine.”

While the Egyptian artist Mohamed Henedy published the Post on (Facebook), and said: “While you are sitting comfortably in your house, I think that there are people who migrate and throw in the street and leave their homes injustice and oppression … they leave their land, their memories, their future and their world .. At the time of the whole world is silent and ignores what It happens .. we must stand by them and reach out to the whole world. # Save the Sheikh neighborhood.

Heneidy also posted on his own account through the photo-sharing application (Instagram) a picture and commented on it: “In the silence of the world … we will send your votes to the world.”

#SaveSheikh_Jarrah neighborhood SaveSheikhJarrah

The Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood has been witnessing for more than 10 days, confrontations between the Israeli occupation and the Palestinian residents of the neighborhood, in solidarity with them, and the Palestinians in the neighborhood have protested against decisions issued by Israeli courts to evacuate Palestinian families from homes built in 1956.


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