Watch .. Basem Yakhour causes his wife to cry


Rana Hariri, wife of the Syrian star, published Bassem Yakhour A video clip on her official account on the social networking site “Instagram”, in which Bassem appears to be receiving the threat in the events of the series “On a hot plate.” Rana commented on the video: “The episode is concluded … but this scene is not going to happen again and my brace will be repeated .. How do I convince myself that This was my acting, usually influenced by series, but today I was able to cry. “

Bassem responds to his wife’s video and comments, “Rannoushti is acting, my love is acting.”

The video met with great interaction by Rana’s followers, stressing the beauty of Basim’s performance in this work and his great conviction for the viewers.

In the series “Ali Saneh Hot”, Bassem performs the character of “Hilal Al-Hajjar”, who is the head of his family after the death of his parents and is exposed to major situations and calamities to reach the stage of drug distribution.


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