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Brazilian goalkeeper Alison Baker scored a deadly goal for Liverpool, on Sunday, in the English Premier League, which could help him qualify for the Champions League.

Despite all that he described Baker’s goal against West Bromwich Albion as a “football miracle”, or as German Reds coach Jurgen Klopp called it “the most beautiful goal I have seen for goalkeepers”, he faces some competition at the level of the dramatic scorers among the goalkeepers.

Many goalkeepers have scored in the opposing team’s territory at sensitive times. Some of them, like Brazilian Rogerio Ceni, who scored 130 goals in his career, while Paraguayan Jose Luis Chilafert was a specialist in set pieces at the door of the area.

For most of them, the opportunity arises when it is the last onslaught, and especially from a free kick before the final whistle.

Renee Higuita 1995

In the first leg of the 1995 Libertadores Cup semi-final, Rene Higuita scored for Atlético Nacional from a free kick against Argentine Riverblate in Medellín, to lead his team to the final. The goal came about a month ago from a historic shock called “Scorpion” in his country’s friendly match against England at Wembley Stadium.

He scored again in the second leg, translating the first penalty kick for his team, which won the 8-7 stake.

Jose Luis Chilavert 1996

Chilafert has scored his eight international goals in official matches, two of which are against Argentina.

In the 1998 World Cup qualifiers, he fired a free kick on the ground on 1 September 1996 that earned Paraguay a draw at Buenos Aires. And his country ranked second in the South American qualifiers, barring the World Cup qualification card for the first time in 12 years.

Jimmy Glass 1999

On the final day of the season, Carlisle needed to beat Plymouth in order to stay in the England C3 League.

The tie was tied, and with the approaching end of stoppage time and the final whistle, his team secured a corner kick. Coach Nigel Pearson asked his goalkeeper to advance, and he pursued the corner with a shot into the net. It was the last of her three matches he played for Carlisle.

Oskaren Masuluki 2016

Oscarine Masuluca scored a superb scissor-kick acrobatic goal in the sixth minute of stoppage time for Baroca against Orlando Pirates in the South African League on November 30, 2016.

He saved a point for his team, but that did not spare him relegation.

He occupies a place in the goalkeepers’ list of goals, due to his aesthetics, and is ranked second in the FIFA classification for the most beautiful goals of the year, behind a wonderful scissor ball by Frenchman Olivier Giroud.

Alberto Brignoli 2017

Brignioli became a star when he scored a goal for Benevento against Milan in the Serie A on December 3, 2017.

After 14 straight losses, the seconded goalkeeper’s header gave Benevento the first point with a ball that bounced off the back of his head into the net.

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Raval Djevic 2018

In the final breath of his team’s game Onion Berlin against Heidenheim in the German second division, on October 7, 2018, Poland’s Raval Djjievic rose to the top, preserving his team’s record without losing.

By third, the team overtook the capital Stuttgart in the play-offs to reach the first division of the Bundesliga for the first time, and are still holding up.

Source: “AFP”


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