Warnings of the deterioration of the status of Sheikh Hawali and preacher Salman Al-Awda in Saudi prisons


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The organization said that concerns are still surrounding the fate of Sheikh Al-Hawali due to the deterioration of his health in light of medical negligence and the difficulty in obtaining health service inside the prison.

The health of Sheikh Al-Hawali has worsened in the prison, during the last two years, as he is old and suffers from chronic diseases, amid the prison conditions in the Kingdom in which the foundations for a decent life for humans are less.

Fears about the health of Sheikh Al-Hawali increased, especially after a few days of the death of the prominent Saudi human rights defender Abdullah Al-Hamid, as a result of medical negligence in prison.

The Saudi authorities continue to detain Sheikh Al-Hawali in prison, since he was arrested on July 12, 2018, along with his four sons.

And that was 3 days after the electronic version of his book called “Muslims and Western Civilization” was leaked. The book included advice to scholars and the ruling family in the Kingdom.

In the same context, the preacher al-Awda continues to face an unknown fate inside the prison, amid bin Salman’s policy, which seeks to hide the prominent role of preachers whose opinions do not coincide with his policy, in addition to the great influence their views enjoy at the street level in the Kingdom.

The fate of the preacher Al-Awda case became unknown in light of the media secrecy practiced by the authorities, as well as the health deterioration that he suffers from inside the prison over the previous months, in addition to the arbitrary practices and denial of necessary health services.

Among the most prominent sufferings that the return to prison faces is the poor health care he needs due to his health, in addition to the bad treatment by the jailers that insults his scientific standing.

In addition, the solitary isolation that he faces from time to time is one of the causes of the psychological suffering that exacerbates the Sheikh’s conditions inside the prison.

The authorities continue to organize secret trials against him, away from the media and his family, which masks transparency in the authorities’ policy and the judiciary to deal with him.

Regarding his health, his son Abdullah Al-Awda confirmed, in a series of tweets on his Twitter account, the danger threatening his father, who suffers from weakness and emaciation, as he lost half of his hearing and eyesight in prison, as well as the chronic diseases that he suffers.

The fate of the preacher Al-Awda is still unknown in light of the lack of transparency and the policy of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, which seeks to restrict the voices that oppose him, in addition to concealment of his health conditions and his case.

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