Walid Al-Hallani cries, George Wassouf: “Go down my tear” (video)


The artist Walid El-Hillani, son of the artist Assi El-Hillani, released a video clip through his official account on “Instagram”, which he and Sultan Al-Tarab, George Wassouf, unite.Walid Al-Hillani appeared singing his new song “Habibi” in front of Sultan Al-Tarab in the latter’s house, where George appeared in the video, influenced by Walid’s voice, praising him and kissing him.

George Wassouf expressed his affection and happiness with Walid Al-Hillani’s voice by saying: “My tears fell.” In turn, Al-Waleed commented on the video: “Sultan with your art and Sultan with your heart and love, long life George Wassouf.”Al-Waleed Al-Hillani, accompanied by his father, Assi Dio, released the song “Habibi”, which achieved high viewing rates. He also performed a concert in Panama within the Arab Music Festival, in which Al-Wasouf performed there as well, in which he presented a bouquet of his new and old songs.

Source: Sputnik


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