Volkswagen Taos 2022 best-in-class highway fuel economy


German car maker Volkswagen has unveiled fuel efficiency data for its new 2022 TOS car.
The price of the car expected to be put up for sale this summer starts from 24,190 dollars, and it will be available in one category in terms of the engine, which is 1.5 liters and contains 4 cylinders with 158 horsepower and 184 pounds of torque per cubic foot, with an automatic transmission that gives eight speeds.The Motor Trend website, which specializes in auto issues, noted that this small engine took advantage of the variable geometry of turbocharging to get the best performance with the lowest fuel consumption.

According to data from the US Environmental Protection Administration, a front-wheel-drive Volkswagen Taos consumes a gallon of gasoline for every 28 miles within cities, for every 36 miles on highways, and for every 31 miles when combined with urban traffic and on highways.

According to the Motor Trend website, these figures place the Taos at the top of the list of best-in-class fuel efficiency on highways.

For example, a front-wheel-drive Nissan Kicks consumes a gallon of gasoline for every 31 miles in cities and for every 36 miles on highways and 33 miles when combined with urban and highway traffic.

The Honda HR-V and the Hyundai Fino consume roughly the same rate, along with a gallon of petrol per 34 miles on the highway, and the Kia Soul consumes a gallon of gasoline for every 35 miles on the highway.


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