Video .. Wael Jassar reveals the leader of art in Lebanon and Egypt and his opinion on “festivals” and criticizes “No. 1”


The singer has arrived Wael JassarWas a guest on the program “Nights of the Axis”, broadcast on “Al-Mehwar” channel. He made many statements about his opinion on the art of Festival Songs Now in circulation, and he criticized some people calling themselves “one number”, and also revealed his opinion on the leadership of art In Egypt AndLebanonHe also revealed his dream in the coming period.

The star Wael Jassar said that he distinguished himself because he chooses what suits the taste of people and touches their hearts, pointing out that the audience apparently found in him the person who saved the sad color of the lyric.

Wael Jassar’s dream

He added during his meeting: “My dream was that I got to know the Egyptian people and Egypt since I was young, so I became one and a lover for them because I only saw all the good, love and respect from them, and I am considered one of the most famous artists who presented songs to Egypt and sequels to Egyptian films.”

Wael reveals his opinion about the title of No. 1

Wael Jassar revealed his opinion about the title of one number, saying: “There is no artist (who will benefit) who says about himself No. 1 to the public, but in reality in life it is difficult to remove it with slogans and words, and from a long time ago they made statistics about the most beloved artist in Egypt. The one most loved in Egypt, but I did not appear and speak ».

Art leader in Lebanon and Egypt

The Lebanese singer Wael Jassar revealed, during his meeting with the program “Nights of the Ax”, broadcast on the channel “Al-Mehwar”, about the leaders of art in Lebanon and Egypt, confirming that the leader of art in Lebanon was the late artist Wadih El Safi Who told about his voice the musician of generations Muhammad Abd-alwahab, Saying: «If I am a stick like Farid al-Atrash I have a voice like Wadih Al Safi and a feeling like Abdel Halim Hafez I would have owned the world ».

Jassar added that the leader of art in Egypt is the artist Adel Emam, Commenting: “A big greeting to him because he is a giant that we are proud of in the Arab world, and I ask God to prolong his life.”

Artist Wael Jassar performed a concert last month at one of the major hotels in the Fifth Settlement, to announce the real estate project that the star is participating in. Mohamed FouadWhere the ceremony was attended by a large number of stars and public figures.

Wael Jassar joked with the star Mohamed Fouad, as he presented his song on stage, where he told him: “I have not seen Muhammad Fuad for about ten years, but whenever I see him, I find him getting smaller .. I mean, my hair has become white and Fouad will, God willing, get smaller.” Wael congratulates Mohamed Fouad on his new project, always wishing him success in all his steps inside and outside art.

The audience loves sad songs

Singer Wael Jassar said that he used to dream of getting to know the Egyptian people and Egypt, and now he is one of them, adding: “I love the Egyptian people, because I have seen nothing but good, love and respect from them.” And “Jassar” added that he was distinguished by choice. Songs Which satisfies the tastes of the masses, commenting: “I was distinguished by my choice of songs that satisfy the taste of people.” Jassar explained: “I am one of the most patriotic artists who presented songs to Egypt … and may God appreciate me and be according to their good expectations.”

The best songs

The Lebanese singer Wael Jassar revealed the song he liked the most, “Mashit Khalas” because it brought him closer to the Egyptian audience. He added that among the most beautiful songs he performed and he is proud of: “Make me a remembrance”, “Ghraibeh Al-Nas” and “We are so proud.”

Jassar reveals his opinion of mahraganat songs

Regarding his opinion on mahraganat songs, Wael Jassar said: “Every time there is such a kind, even in the time of the giants, there was this type, but people used to meet them with bricks because they would not accept such a kind of low singing, and we are currently in an age of accepting the low color of songs ».

Wave of new songs

He emphasized that the new wave of mahraganat songs has a great influence on me the art The real one, pointing out that he can absolutely not sing any mahraganat song because it is not appropriate for him.


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