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A video clip from the wedding of actor Tony Issa was spread on social media, showing him being deeply affected.

A video clip from the wedding of the Lebanese actor Tony Issa was spread on social media, in which he appeared dancing with his bride Ammouna Eid on a romantic song, and he cried from his severity and tried to wipe his tears in a gentle way, as he looked at his bride.

Tony also surprised the audience by submitting a spinning song to his wife, entitled “Let our joy increase.”

Issa celebrated his marriage to Ammouna last Saturday, in a ceremony attended by many art stars, and a video of the groom’s father, the Lebanese actor Nazem Issa, was released, dancing with the newlyweds in an atmosphere of joy.

A bunch of actors and artists participated on the happy occasion, such as the Lebanese actress Dalida Khalil, the Lebanese actor Wissam Sabbagh, the Lebanese actress Jesse Abdo and the Lebanese actress Ward Al Khal, accompanied by her husband. And the atmosphere of love and joy overwhelmed the occasion.

Source: Agencies


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